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Hi there! 


My name is Lauren and I’m the face behind EarthinWares. I’m a Piscean, a primary teacher, an animal lover, earth enthusiast, mum of 3 outgoing little boys and an avid baker. I feel I fit the typical Piscean profile - an empathetic day dreamer with a creative flair. Family, food and connecting with nature are my passions in life.


I have always had a special connection to the earth. I am someone who is keenly attuned to the natural world and all of the earth’s changes. I'm definitely not perfect but I try to support and buy products which have the least impact on the earth. Mass produced items and disposable objects are becoming less and less popular within society, which is wonderful news for Mother Nature. 


Gifting is another big part of my life. I feel that one of the most special things you can do for another person is give them a gift. The gift of a smile on your morning walk, the gift of letting someone in front of you in the grocery line, the gift of visiting loved ones, the gift of calling old friends, as well as physical gifts, to celebrate important events. Each little gift we give to people impacts their day. Sharing with others is so paramount and connects us as a community, something which is lacking in the fast paced, technological life we have become entrenched in.  


People have always commented about how they love the gifts they receive from me. From the selection of the gift to the wrapping, I pride myself in choosing something that is meaningful to that person and doing this takes a lot of time, whether it be googling or visiting markets or shops.


My love for all of these things led to the creation of EarthinWares.


My vison for EarthinWares was a space where beautiful handcrafted products were sourced and gathered, allowing others to send treasures to loved ones to brighten their day or find something special to add to their home, all while knowing they were supporting Australian businesses, and having as little impact on the earth as possible.


I value choosing earth-friendly materials and want to support artisans who share the same beliefs. All products stocked at EarthinWares are 100% made in Australia and are handmade, not mass produced in factories. I am strictly NOT stocking products that are produced overseas or even products that are mass produced here in Australia. Our packaging is made from paper or cardboard, and protective materials are either compostable or reused from suppliers. I want my business to leave behind as little footprint as possible.


EarthinWares is dedicated to giving back. We have set up donations to Australian Wildlife Conservancy, giving 1% of gross sales to support the wonderful work they do. To read more about their work, visit australianwildlife.org



I hope you enjoy the products in my store as much as I’ve enjoyed sourcing them for you. 

Lauren x


‘You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.’

Jane Goodall



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