Blue Romance Soap


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Close your eyes & imagine a warm summer breeze with the exotic fragrance of Jasmine drifting past & a feeling of romance in the air. That is the mood of Blue Romance. Jasmine pairs beautifully with Bergamot & Frankincense essential oils in a cool 'blue denim' bar with exfoliating oats. The perfect bar to whisk you away from your troubles for just a moment while you enjoy some self care. 

Hand crafted in small batches, this soap is toxin-free & vegan friendly, showcasing nature's premium ingredients.

Our custom recipe & naturally occurring glycerine help to keep the skin moisturised & nourished while being so gentle that you can use it as a facial cleanser.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, palm (sustainable), coconut, macadamia, castor & jojoba, oats, essential oils of bergamot, jasmine & frankincense, indigo powder.


Size: 100g


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