Coffee & Coconut Scrub



A good exfoliant is at the heart of every great scrub – and this one uses two: organic coffee grounds and raw organic sugar. Coffee is abrasive without being harsh, so it plumps up your skin cells, busts cellulite and gives your skin a more even tone and texture. Sugar, on the other hand, contains glycolic acid which helps improve the skin’s appearance and reduce moisture loss. A dash of nourishing, antioxidant-rich coconut oil keeps skin tissues strong and helps prevent premature aging, while cinnamon brings natural antiseptic properties to the scrub and helps smooth fine lines. We’ve also blended in a dash of vanilla, which not only smells delicious, but is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, reducing infections.
It’s a must to use on your legs before shaving or use daily on your feet to keep those heels smooth!


Size: 200g


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