Energy Clearing Mist



Smudging is one of life’s little saviours but it’s not always possible to light up some sage. With our gentle mist, you can heighten the energy of your space for an instant pick-me-up, dispel bad vibes and shake off the energy of the day. Spray this crystal-infused mist around your body and work space, in your car or after you walk into your home after a long day. Spray around the house after cleaning to enhance a refreshed, balanced feeling.

This is an essential item to bring with you on holidays, staying in hotels or Airbnbs. Spritz around your accommodation when you first arrive to cleanse it from other people's energy, and you will be able to fully relax!

Made with distilled water, clear quartz crystals and a blend of cleansing essential oils including palo santo, juniper, lavender, cypress, lemon & frankincense, the scent is loved by all our customers.


Size: 100ml


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