Lavender & Frankincense Foot and Bath Salts



Soak your body. Soothe your nerves. Cleanse your skin.
Taking time out can be hard, but it’s vital – and one of the best ways is with a calming, relaxing soak. These Epsom salts are perfect for revitalising your energy and soothing tired muscles. Scatter a small handful into a full, steaming tub, stir – and hop in for a bath that’ll end your day on a peaceful note.

Australian sea salt is full of essential minerals, which have therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. It’s also considered highly beneficial as a natural aid to those with psoriasis. We’ve paired the calming energy of lavender with the skin-renewing and antiseptic qualities of frankincense, to tone and tighten skin

Not all of us have the luxury of having a bath in our homes so these salts are also perfect for a foot bath. Pour half a cup into a basin to ease tired feet, the skin on the soles of your feet will quickly absorb the oils and magnesium so you get full benefit from the pure essential oils.


Size: 250g


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