Ningina Tunapri Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

$70.00 $100.00


This gorgeous lumbar cushion by Mindful Marlo can be used both indoors and outdoors. The 100% linen fabric makes them soft enough to enjoy on a couch or bed, but the water repellent and fade resistant features allows them to survive those sunny, summer days.

The artwork for this cushion has been created by contemporary Aboriginal artist, Domica Hill. 'Ningina Tunapri' translates to 'To give knowledge and understanding' in Palawa Kani language. 

'This piece represents the love and support between a father and son. It signifies the father being there for the son, sharing knowledge and guiding them through the journey of life. The U shapes represent people, so around each site there is 2 men (father and son) sometimes with spears, sometimes not. This is to represent different lessons the father is teaching the son.'

  • Handmade in Victoria
  • Original commissioned art designs 
  • Artist signature in corner of each cushion  
  • Made from 100% linen which makes them a more eco-friendly choice
  • Fade resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Same design on both sides
  • YKK Invisible Zipper


Size: 50cm x 30cm


Product Care

We want your Cushions to live a long and happy life and there are some things you can do to help make that happen.

  • Whilst our cushion covers are designed to survive the outdoors, the Aussie sun can be extremely harsh and the UV rays will impact colours over time
  • To increase the longevity of your cushion covers and minimise fading, we recommend you put your cushions away when not in use. To ensure eventual fading is consistent we also recommend that you regularly rotate and move your cushions
  • Our cushion covers have a water repellent feature which minimises dirt and stains from being absorbed, however preventative maintenance is ideal
  • The water repellent feature is designed to last for years but may need to be refreshed after a thorough cleaning or extended use. (There are many commercial fabric guards available on the market. Always test before use and follow manufacturers instructions)


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